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At JA&A, we help take the burden of benefit plan designs, employee benefit disputes, premium rate negotiations and more off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your daily business needs.

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We analyze your claims experience to save you money.

Our client was facing a 12% renewal increase to their premiums. After a detailed and thorough review of the claims experience, we determined that the large claimants that the carrier deemed ongoing were, in fact, not incurring medical or pharmacy expenses.

Upon presentation of this information, we were successful in negotiating a $150,000 reduction in the renewal premium for our client. Many brokers will not, or do not have the expertise to, review claims experience at this level which is costing you money. Contact us to see how we utilize your claims experience to negotiate on your behalf. We do not work for insurance companies; we work for you!

JA&A negotiations can save you over 10% on your renewal.

Our client was facing a 34.9% medical & Rx renewal increase that amounted to a $1,832,000 annual premium increase.

Our team aggressively marketed the medical and pharmacy coverage. Faced with stiff competition from other insurance carriers, the renewal was reduced by $685,600 annually without negatively impacting the benefits offered.

  • We treat your money like it is our money.
  • We utilize innovative strategies to save premium whenever possible.
  • We preserve the integrity of your employee benefit program.

Put our experienced and capable team to work for you.

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Saving 20% with Partial Self-Funding

What is a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA)?

A health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) is an IRS-approved, employer-funded health benefit used to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  • Many organizations prefer HRAs over traditional group health insurance because of the budget control and tax advantages.
  • Less experienced brokers are not familiar with HRAs so you may not be familiar with them, either.
  • An HRA is not for everyone, but it’s an option we recommend every group explore.
  • This simple concept can save your business 20 percent or more on insurance premiums.

Why consider an HRA?

  • Simple and cost-efficient
  • Lowers insured Medical & Rx premiums by 20% or more
  • Increased flexibility
  • More personalized health benefits
  • Not subject to significant, annual rate hikes

A Large Credit Union purchased a $4,000 / $8,000 medical plan that replaced a $500 / $1,000 deductible plan and used the premium savings to
reimburse employees, using a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), for out-of-pocket deductible expenses that exceeded their previous $500 / $1,000 deductible.

Our client saved over $65,000 annually or 13% without reducing benefits.

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Superior Plan Design

Whether you’re a man on the line or the woman that owns the business, collect your disability benefit Tax Free.  Use the IRS rules and regulations to save thousands in taxes with proper planning.

Here is a comparison of a highly paid employee, age 50, collecting $10,000 monthly in disability benefits.


Traditional Plan

The JA&A Custom Plan

Monthly Benefit



Taxes (35%)



Net Monthly Disability Income



Annual Net Disability Income






Additional Net Income to age 67 (17 Years)


Plan Design is EVERYTHING!

Allow us to negotiate with your insurance carrier to establish a plan which allows your disability benefits to be income tax free.


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