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About Us

We Serve as Advocates to Help your Organization in Multiple Ways.

At JA&A, we help uncover tax benefits, negotiate insurance premiums, and develop strategies to keeps your employees satisfied while reducing your administrative burden.

Who We Help

At JA&A, we work with Owners, CEOs, CFOs and Managers to help meet the financial and health care needs of your most important asset: Productive Employees.

How We Help

When you work with JA&A, you will learn how to utilize technology, digital education, and programs to keep your business profitable and employees financially protected.  In short, we help HR and Finance Departments achieve high employee satisfaction with a healthy bottom line.

We use powerful negotiation skills against insurance companies guaranteeing your dollars are not wasted. Plus, we help you stand out when attracting new talent while keeping existing employees informed about their benefits.

Contact us today and let us help you use technology that cuts your work load significantly and reduces time wasting errors.

Contact Us

At JA&A, WE will answer your call, not a machine. We enjoy adding a personal touch to our service, and look forward to hearing about your business needs.


(248) 547–3677

We will answer your call, not a machine.